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It all starts with a conversation, so let's talk

Project Consultation

Speak with our Team and Start your Project

It all starts with a conversation, so let’s talk.

Call us, email us, or come see us to take the first step into your custom construction project. Within minutes of that first conversation, we hope to help you feel encouraged, inspired, and excited to get started. Depending how far along you are into your thinking, we can will discuss details such as project scale, budget, and timeline, or we can simply help you organize some of those thoughts in your head.

From there, we can set a more formal meeting with you and anyone else that will be involved in the project in order to further refine the details of the project. Then, upon agreeing to the partner together, we will complete all of the administrative tasks and set a follow up meeting to launch your project into the design phase.

  • Consultation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Estimates
  • Plan Evaluation
  • Builder Evaluations
  • Constant Communication
  • Complete Construction Management
  • Material Suggestions
  • Latest Construction Techniques
  • Review


Don’t let your dream project become a nightmare process. You are not just a client at Firm Foundation; you are a partner, a team member, and an asset to the project, and you are treated with honesty and respect.


Each client is as unique as their project. Inject your personality and preference into every project at every step of the way. While proper planning is essential, we pride ourselves on adapting to any changes thrown our way.


Fast and accurate scheduling, under your budget, with open communication throughout every step. We believe in accessibility to the client for genuine, frequent discussions on the status of the project.


We utilize top-of-the-line materials, techniques, and sub-contractors to ensure that your dream becomes your reality. Our team of experts is here to guarantee a successful project and satisfied client, every time.