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What others may consider to as a luxury or premium, we provide as a standard.

Our capacity for highly customizable and flexible projects is thanks to rigorous attention to detail, from start to finish. From our first conversation to the day that you see your completed project, every detail of the process and the product is examined, re-examined, and examined again.

This is especially true in our Design Phase, in which you can decide between a near infinite number of possibilities of customization in the following categories: 

  • Custom Homes
  • Commercial Properties
  • Remodeling and Redesigns
  • Additions
  • Repairs and Maintenance

No matter the specialization, the general outline remains the same: consult, plan, plan some more, finalize the plan, build, and complete.

We will work to accommodate every budget and every design, working efficiently and effectively to fully capture the vision of our clients. We bring quality to the customization in a organized, systematic fashion that brings comfort, security, and confidence to everyone that chooses to partner with us.

Residential Construction

Build your dream home

Don’t let the process ruin the pageantry. The decisions and processes of creating a custom house can seem overwhelming, so to prevent your dream home from becoming a nightmare process, you need a contractor, and a name, that you can trust.

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Commercial Construction

Build your business

Invest wisely into the next phase of your business. Maximize outcomes and exceed strategic objectives with your new property as we provide a comprehensive range of options and services to create lasting value for your company. 

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Renovations and Additions

Update or restore your property

Out with the old and in with the new. Enrich your space with updates to the aesthetics or functionality of your property. Whether traditional, contemporary, or blended styles, modernize your property to accomplish your desired look and performance.

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While every project is unique, here is a general procedural outline

Process Details

Phase 1:Consultation

It all starts with a conversation, so let’s talk.

Call us, email us, or come see us to take the first step into your custom construction project. Within minutes of that first conversation, we hope to help you feel encouraged, inspired, and excited to get started. Depending how far along you are into your thinking, we can will discuss details such as project scale, budget, and timeline, or we can simply help you organize some of those thoughts in your head.

From there, we can set a more formal meeting with you and anyone else that will be involved in the project in order to further refine the details of the project. Then, upon agreeing to the partner together, we will complete all of the administrative tasks and set a follow up meeting to launch your project into the design phase.

Phase 2:Design

Begin with the end in mind.
Maximize your investment and minimize uncertainty through extensive and intensive planning. With no dream too big or project too small, we turn your thoughts into our reality. Your project, your future, our passion.
Through a series of meetings and ongoing conversations, we will refine the expanse of your vision into what fits within your budget and your timeline. At this point, we encourage you to bring any inspiration pieces or ideas that you like so that, as much as possible, every wish and desire can be included into the original design phase.
With your ideas as the foundation, we contribute our expertise and practical insights into the following steps:

– Ideation
– Revision
– Ideation
– Revision
– Finalization

Transparency from both sides in communication is key in any partnership, and this rings especially true during the design phase of your custom project. It’s important to keep an open dialogue so that issues are worked out and resolved before they ever really become issues. With thoughtful design and comprehensive discussions, we can reduce changes, and the consequential stress, by this series of ideas and revisions.

Phase 3:Construction

This process should not be overwhelming for the client; on the contrary, it should be exciting and enjoyable. Our job is to handle every aspect of the construction process from start to finish, which is why the planning phase is crucial before the project begins. The more work put in the front end helps to ensures a pleasant experience for all.

With that said, we pride ourselves on our enhanced flexibility, even during the construction phase. We work hard to adjust alongside our clients’ changing views as the plans of project come to life. We consult allow input and changes from our clients during any of the following typical stages:

– Demolition
– Foundation
– Framing
– Infrastructure
– Drywall
– Stucco & Exterior Finishes
– Roofing
– Windows and Doors
– Cabinets
– Finishes
– Clean Up

Phase 4:Review

Construction is done. What was once only thoughts and drawings on paper has now turned into a physical structure in which you can live, work, or play.

At this point, all of the hard work is done. We strive for perfection during Phases 1, 2, and 3 so that Phase 4 is nothing more than hugs, handshakes, and happy clients.

However, if any other changes do need to be made, we start the process over! We are never satisfied until our clients are satisfied.

Building the foundation of a better future for individuals, businesses, and communities alike.

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